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We've Got You Covered. Our Engineering Services Guarantee!

When we say our company motto "We've Got You Covered", we certainly mean it.

In fact, our Rubber Engineers have got you covered in far more ways than one. In this weeks blog, we're taking a look at the Engineering Services on offer here at Reliant Rubber.

Shot Blast Services

Preparation is everything.

Prior to any treatment, the wheels and rollers we receive go through a rigorous cleansing process to remove all layers of contamination. Be it rust, grease, scale, paint, or previous coatings, we will get rid of it for you.

Shot blasting is a surface preparation technique that involves rapidly impacting an object with a controlled stream of abrasive material at a high velocity.

Our team of experts will make it as good as new. Our custom-made shot blast room has the capacity to handle even the largest items.

Mechanical Handling

Through our vulcanising and cold bond processes, we are able to repair and renew your rollers, idlers, drums, grippers, and forklift forks with a wide range of rubbers. A custom choice of engraved surface patterns and finishes are available for the best possible results. We currently serve a wide range of heavy industries, including but not limited to:

  • Power stations

  • Coal and mineral extraction

  • Bulk handling and storage

  • Mobile conveyor users and manufacturers

  • Belt manufacturers and various intermediaries

Traction Engine Wheels

As one of the only restorers of traction engine wheels in the UK, we bring classic engineering back to life.

For over 30 years we have provided loving rehabilitation, from the smallest flywheel to the largest road tyre. The tyres and wheels we produce cater to the needs of many:

  • Steam engine and vintage vehicles

  • Military vehicles including tanks

  • Fork lift trucks

  • Obsolete plant and equipment

  • Specialist one-off applications

In all cases, we utilise specific industry compounds for re-covering tyres and conform to all industry standards.

Rubber Seals & Gaskets

From traditional die-cutting methods to state of the art CNC, we offer an endless array of materials and solutions for every possible gasket and seal application.

As a specialist rubber engineering company, clients frequently for ask our advice about a wide range of specialist products, their application and where they can be sourced.

With our vast experience we are able to assist, even with some of the more obscure requests.

As a result, we started to sell a specialised range of products such as mouldings, rubber sheeting and gaskets direct to our customers.

Even where we cannot supply a product, we are always happy to advise you on the best route to take.

Rubber Mouldings

From the smallest profile to the largest mould, we offer injection, compression, transfer, and cold cure moulded solutions.

We provide Viton to Natural Rubber and all points in between to make sure our customers get the right rubber for their application. We also offer rubber-to-metal bonding.

We currently supply an ever-expanding range of rubber moulding products to the Transport, Aerospace, Food Industry, Glazing, Building, Leisure, General Engineering, Marine and Agriculture sectors.

Food Industry

Our service history in the food industry is storied.

We have proudly satisfied a multitude of customers with solutions such as seals, gaskets, sheets, socks, tubes, rollers, tubes, and PVC curtains, all made to exacting food industry standards. Through our experience in the sector, we understand and fully appreciate the need for efficient service and prompt delivery.

We have served customers in a variety of food production and related industries including:

  • Confectioners and bakeries.

  • Food packaging.

  • Farming and agriculture.

  • Bakery engineers and manufacturers.

  • Meat processing.

  • Abattoirs and other processing.

  • Other food intermediaries and suppliers.


There's no job to big or small for our team. For a free quote, visit our Engineering Services page today:

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