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Rubber Seals & Gaskets

From traditional Die-cutting methods to state of the art CNC, we can offer you an endless array of materials and solutions for every possible gasket and seal application. From 0.1mm thick acetate, to sponges, to silicone, to polyurethane and through a vast variety of rubbers, we can work in any medium for any environment. We also stock a wide range of off-the-shelf items such as door seals, edging, extrusions, and tubing.

As a specialist rubber engineering company, clients frequently ask our advice about a wide range of specialist products, their application and where they can be sourced.

With our vast experience we are able to assist, even with some of the more obscure requests. As a result, we started to sell a specialised range of products direct to our customers.

Examples include rubber extrusions, mouldings, rubber sheeting, ducting, self-adhesive sponge, gaskets and a multitude of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, sleeves, rings, bushes, discs and other parts.


We also supply a wide range of engineering plastics (nylon, nylon 6, polycarbonate in rod or sheet form) and fabrication plastics (polycarbonate and perspex) for machine guards etc, felt and cork, specialist filter foams, industrial adhesives and PTFE products. Even where we cannot supply a product, we are always pleased to advise customers the best route to take.

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