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Whats New With Reliant Rubber?

Since 1986, Reliant Rubber has proudly served its clients with the repair and refurbishment of rubber coated rollers for the industrial, printing and food market sectors.

Over time, we have challenged ourselves to improve and increase our range of polymers offered to clients worldwide.

This dynamic approach over the years has led Reliant Rubber into different marketplaces such as steam traction engine wheel recovering, moulded products, rubber gaskets, PVC sheeting and ceramic laggings for critical applications. Today, with the launch of our new website, Reliant Rubber has taken another step forward to better serve our clients old and new.

Alongside our current services, we are excited to announce that we are now offering a wide range of products through our new online store.

Whether you are seeking individual items or are a business looking to buy in bulk, we can happily meet your requirements across our ever growing range of products.

From today, our shop includes the following product ranges: - Rubber Sheeting

- Rubber Flooring & Matting

- Neoprene Sponge/Foam

- Seals & Gaskets

Over the coming months, we will be increasing our range with the following products:

- Gym Mats

- Stable Mats

- Ramp Rolls - Bar Mats - Boot Tray Mats

- Pet Mats

Subscribe to our email newsletter club today on the Reliant Rubber homepage to stay up to date with the most recent company news and product releases. Check out our current product range in our shop and remember, we've got you covered!

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