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Just Floor It! Rubber Flooring For Your Vehicle

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Rubber Flooring is widely known to be suitable for your workshop, garage or areas with heavy foot traffic. However, there are other beneficial uses for the product that you may not be aware of.

Due to its durability and slip resistance, Rubber Flooring has proven itself to be perfect for use in vehicles. Reliant Rubber has served customers with custom cut rubber flooring for a variety of purposes. Whether its for a private or commercial vehicle, we've got you covered.

Here's a couple examples of what you can do in your van or car with Reliant's rubber flooring today:


Recently, Oldham based Engineering firm Trailerteq, came to Reliant Rubber with an enquiry regarding their van fleet footwells. Reliant Rubber reccommended using custom cuts of our 5-Bar rubber flooring to install in their fleet. Our own rubber floorings durability helps keeps their van fleets original footwell surfaces from attracting dirt and scuff marks, as well as increases slip resistance for safety purposes.

Loading Space

There are other practical uses for rubber flooring in vehicles. As you can see below, rubber flooring can be custom cut to be a perfect fit for any van.

If what you drive is slightly smaller than a van, no problem! Rubber flooring also works great in the back of pedestrian sized vehicles. Again, the floorings durability keeps your boot space from getting muddied and scuffed up, as well as its slip resistence helps to keep loaded cargo in place.

So whatever your need, we've got you covered. With a variety of designs, Reliant Rubber can ensure that you get the best fit for purpose when it comes to rubber flooring. Check out our range of rubber flooring & matting today:

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