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Food Industry

We have a long history of service to the food industry. We have satisfied a multitude of customers with solutions such as seals, gaskets, sheets, socks, tubes, rollers, tubes, and PVC curtains, all made to exacting food industry standards.

A large number of our customers are in the 24/7 business of food production and related industries.

  • Confectioners and bakeries.

  • Food packaging.

  • Farming and agriculture.

  • Bakery engineers and manufacturers.

  • Meat processing.

  • Abattoirs and other processing.

  • Other food intermediaries and suppliers.

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Our experience in this sector means we fully appreciate the need for efficient service and prompt delivery. All sectors of the business from re-covering food quality rubber rollers through to supplying bespoke mouldings, gaskets and seals.

All  products supplied conform with FDA standards and full certification available upon request.

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